GreenCarbonFactory aims to localise the energy transition through establishing sustainable, local facilities by collaborating with clients for environmental and economic benefits of green energy generation and biochar

Jerom van Roosmalen

Co-CEO & Founder

Harold Joanknecht

Co-CEO & Founder

Building on our careers as Tech Founder and Investment Banker, with a shared passion for  innovation and sustainability, we co-founded GreenCarbonFactory:
a venture that stands at the forefront of the energy transition

Our mission is to localise this transition, embodying principles that are planet positive and circular, with a focus on local-to-local initiatives and swift execution

At GreenCarbonFactory, we’re committed to making a tangible impact on how and where energy is produced and consumed, thereby overcoming major energy grid issues, starting in the Netherlands

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Our work is not just about generating energy; it’s also about igniting change, fostering local solutions, and accelerating the pace of the energy transition

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