Localising The Energy Transition

Planet Positive | Off-Grid | Fast

Energy fuels life and prosperity

To preserve both, we must shift from mere sustainable to regeneration

Caring & control become more effective when things are closer to us

At GreenCarbonFactory, we are localising energy generation, ensuring every step of the process becomes profit & planet neutral positive

What If You Could Install Green Energy Generation Locally…

Small-scale, Fast, No Grid Issues

Plot size
20m x 20m

Operational within
a year

0.75 - 1.5

11,000 - 54,000

Demand Is Everywhere

Business Parks & Industrial Parks

Farms, Biomass Processors & Greenhouses

Holiday Parks & District Heating

Zoos & Entertainment Parks

While Producing Biochar :

A High-Quality Feed/Soil/Water Filtration Additive

Our Solution

We capture carbon by turning clean, White Listed woodchips into green energy & biochar through thermal conversion

100-200 kWe Electrical capacity
400-2,000 kWth Thermal capacity

How It Works


Requires a small plot of c.20x20m


Based on energy needs, we configure and install a small-scale facility connected to the local heat and electricity grid

and Worry-Free

We take care of everything with support from the site partner

Speedy Installation

Takes only 1-3 weeks to install and connect once permit is obtained

Overcoming Grid Congestion

Following which 100% green energy supply commences

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